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Authenticity Maintaining historical and environmental interest with subtle enhancements

Windows and doors suitable for Conservation and Listed Buildings

Experienced installers will be no stranger to the stresses that can sometimes arise when attempting to complete a project for a property located in a conservation area. Rightly so, an area is designated for conservation to maintain its special architectural aspects and historic interest.

Thankfully, since its original inception, the Residence collection has been designed to keep the key principles, shapes, and dimensions with Article 4 conservation areas in mind, removing a lot of the typical worries. Whether choosing to offer your customers Residence 7, 9, or 2 windows and composite doors, obtaining prior consent from the relevant council authority is far easier with products from Window Tech Trade.

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Flush sash windows on a thatched cottage

Authentic furniture and British workmanship indistinguishable from the genuine article

The Residence collection achieves conservation approval so regularly, largely thanks to the classic manufacturing practices they are created using. Window Tech Trade is the only Residence supplier able to fabricate the collection to be mechanically jointed which not only makes them more robust than other timber-alternative products, but results in some exceedingly authentic join lines.

Authentic butt hinge, monkey tail, pear drop handle designs and furniture options helps round out the traditional package required for securing conservation and listed building approval.

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10 year product guarantee CE Accreditation BFRC

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We only work with the highest rated and highest performing window fitters, those dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of customer service with a finished result capable of lasting a lifetime. If you meet these criteria and wish to join our installer network, enquire below.

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Our state-of-the-art on-site showroom is located within our Romford headquarters, readily available for our partnered installers to utilise and make use of whenever they need to let their customers get a feel for the Residence Collection up close.

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